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10 years and still going :)

First ever "photoshoot" 22/06/2009

I have been doing photography now since 2009, June the 22nd to be exact and it all started because my friend wanted some new pictures for Facebook.

When I started out I was using a digital Sony camera that had been for mostly taking pictures on nights out and holidays, not professional photography. I had no idea about lighting, posing or anything, white balance what's that? but we all have to start somewhere, so there I went, I took my little camera and my friend down to a little stream near my house at the time and we played around with angles and poses, after the mini "photoshoot" I then the "editing" of a couple of the images, mostly using editor in photos so nothing fancy like photoshop, (heck I couldn't afford photoshop even if I wanted it), the photos were free, out into the world.

That day was the birth of me doing photography and becoming a photographer, and the start of a love affair with everything to do with photography.

Since that day I have learned a heck of a lot, I've learnt how to go manual with my current camera Nikon D3100, I have learnt to use lighting to get some nice effects, I have learnt how to pose people to look natural, I have learnt how to make people feel more comfortable when doing photos, I developed a voice (which you NEED when doing weddings etc) and finally I learnt how to use photoshop.

I obviously still have LOADS to learn because photography if forever changing, people want different things, different looks, different photo effects etc, but I am glad that I'm never going to stop learning and growing.

Here's to another 10 years :)


aka Kay-Leigh Photography

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