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2009 - 2019 New Year, New Decade

This has been one interesting journey.

In June 2009 I picked up my little Sony handheld camera, which was mostly for taking the odd snap shot from a holiday or a night out, not really the right tool for a up and coming photographer or was it? at the end of the day a photographer is an artist, and an artist to can make art with any tools, it is all about prospective. Any way to get back to the point, it wasn't really the sort of camera for "professional" photography, but never the lest I took my friend down to a little scenic location near my home and took pictures of her, all because she wanted some new pictures for her Facebook profile.

In 2010 I upgraded my camera to a FinePix S2000HD Fujifilm camera, again another digital camera not really suited for "professional" photography, but it was a at least better than my little handheld sony camera. Small steps and all that.

By 2012 I had moved onto a Nikon D3100 digital camera. Now this was more like it, I could change lenses, work with a flash gun and even put the camera into manual, oh boy the possibilities were endless. It was in 2012 when my photography took off. I was meeting models off sites like Model Mayhem, I was working with couples and even had the chance to work in a studio. Before then most of the people I photographed were friends.

2013 I photographed my first wedding (where i was the photographer and not a guest).

2014 marked the year of events. I photographed a couple of weddings, some birthdays and an anniversary party.

2015 - 2017 I keep a steady flow of photographing events and models, and even photograph a couple of weddings. In 2016 I launched a YouTube channel called Learn as I Learn, with the attempt to motivate myself to do more photography.

2018 - 2019 I lost interest in my photography, but launch an Instagram account. I barely photographing anything other than the odd nature scene that I take on my phone. Through out the two years I have three photoshoot's in total, with pictures still to this day needing editing. It is because of editing that I lose my want to photography people anymore, and it doesn't help that it felt like technology was against me as my computer clonked out on me multiple times. Now I know there's are merely excuses and I should just do it when it comes to my editing and invest in a back up drive in future for the computer issues.

So now it is 2020 and for this year I have set myself a goal.

I vow that this year i will play with my camera more, get back into my photography more, learn new skills and tricks of the trade, and I will NOT allow editing to make me feel unmotivated.

So here's to a creative year and decade :)

Kayleigh aka Kay-Leigh Photography

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