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One of the interesting things about owning a business, well just life in general really is you never stop learning.

Its very easy to think that when school is over that is it, until you decided to go to college or uni. But that is simply not the case. After school you learn how to drive, you learn how to cook, you learn how to be a responsible adult, then a parent or where ever your path leads.

This year I decided that I really needed to focus on my photography more, as I have put it on a back burner for too long now. So what I have done is signed myself up to free online classes in business, marketing and even how to get more clients. I have been jumping at the chance of all these free things about photography, how to go manual and so on. Yes some of it is just a ruse to get you to buy the main product they are trying to sell, and I know I would do a lot better if I actually bought a class or what ever, but you need to start somewhere, that's how I see it.

And with me learning new things, ultimately it will help me to become a better teacher, focusing on the areas people want to know about the most, because I myself may still be learning, but I also like to teach people what I am learning, hence my YouTube series learn as I learn :)

Some of the free classes and freebies I have taken are...

Michelle Knight - Better Brand Method Class

Hannah Attewell - 5 Day's to Clients Course

Kaity Griffin - Google Adds

KT Merry - Free business plan class

So this is simply a quick post to say I have started to re-work on my passion and interest, learning new skills and techniques as I go, so I will hopefully become a better photographer and teacher :)

Kayleigh aka

Kay-leigh Photography

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