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SITC Photography Panel

SITC Photography Panel

Recently I went to a YouTube convention called Summer In The City or SITC.

While I was there I went to a photography panel and my goodness I learnt so much.

A lot of the information they talked about was nothing new (or at least not for me), but there were a few questions I asked a photographer that I like where I did receive new information.

For starters I asked where do you get your inspiration from? and she said stories, music, films.

How long have you been doing photography and is it your main job? she said yes and that she started when she was in her late teens.

There were other things I asked (the poor lass), but she also gave me some advise and that was find your own style, don't look at other photographers work too much. Killer advise when you think about it.

I unfortunately do get inspired a lot by other photographers work, the angle of certain photos, the way they pose the model and especially the editing style. All that isn't bad, but then I get disheartened when my images don't turn out the same way or people don't seem interested in my work etc

Going to that panel was very interesting for me, I learnt a lot like get to know the business side of things, don't let people take advantage of you and practice, practice, practice, hone your skills and stay true to you and your style, because there are so many photographers out there and anyone who has a fancy phone can be a photographer. But everyone is unique and so is there style, if you want to make a living in this field your work needs to stand out beyond the rest, same as any job really.

But like with anything I am still learning, and with this field in particular there is always something new, whether it be a new editing app, or digital device, or editing style the list is endless. The other added bonus about going to this panel is it has re-ignited my passion for photography, and its making me want to learn all the things.

Thank you Linda Blacker for taking the time to answer my never ending list of questions :)

(I love when photographers help one another)

Linda Blacker and Me

Kayleigh aka Kay-Leigh Photography

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