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Telling Stories

One of the reasons I love photography is, it is a different medium to share and tell stories. So people may choose film to tell a story, or to write a book. But photographs are just as powerful if not more so at telling a story.

As a photographer it is a privilege to be able to share in someones story, even if it is only a chapter, or the beginning of one for most cases. Take a wedding for example, you have been asked by the family to photograph a most cherished moment in someones life, you will be asked to catalogue everything from the couple, to the family, to even the clothes they wore and the food they ate. When they see only a glimpse of one of your images, it will transport them back to that day.

But you don't have to just photograph peoples stories, but instead you can also create them. I love being able to do themed photoshoots, and using props, location, and even the costume (if they are wearing a costume) to tell a story, or do a retake on a much loved story. For example I have seen photographers do a darker take on Alice in Wonderland, or Snow white, or they have mixed it up and made the classic heroine more up to date, or a spy from the 30s, there are so many different concepts you can create in photo form.

One such shoot I did was set in the 18th hundreds, my models character was a write and she decided to take a stroll along the moors, to get her creative juices flowing or another take on it is my mod

els character was missing a love, and she takes the time to stroll along the moors to reminisce, before composing a letter.

I loved doing this themed shoot with the love Emily as my model, and I look forward to working with her again, maybe on another themed shoot :)


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